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Where can I buy the HUTTWILER glutenfree products?

Look under the menu item «Shops» to see where you can buy the products online. Our products are available in many branches of the K&U bakery and Wasgau in Germany. And since we’re also working on the exportation the new gluten freedom, our gluten-free range will soon be on offer in many more places.

Can the baking bag go in the oven?

Yes – that’s actually what it’s for! The baking bag (also known as the bake stable bag) is film packaging for bread and baked goods from HUTTWILER glutenfree. The special film is heat-resistant and can therefore be baked in the oven. The baking bag protects the gluten-free products from being contaminated with gluten, whilst also locking in flavour. The film material is also cold-resistant and can be frozen.

Do all HUTTWILER glutenfree products come in a baking bag?

No. Only our deep-frozen products (bread, bread rolls and cakes) come in a baking bag. We also offer dry goods and pasta. For more information, see «Shelf or freezer». You’ll find an overview of our range there.

What is gluten?

It’s what people with coeliac disease don’t tolerate. Gluten (from the Latin gluten = ‘glue’) is a collective term for grain proteins; mixtures of protein found in the seeds of cereals. See «Gluten-free pleasure».

What is coeliac disease?

Coeliac disease (synonyms: gluten-sensitive or gluten-induced enterop- athy, intestinal infantilism; in adults, also non-tropical or endemic sprue, gluten intolerance, Heubner-Herter disease) is a chronic illness of the mucous membranes in the small intestine due to hypersensitivity to the components of gluten, which is present in the gluten protein of many types of grain. Intolerance is a life-long condition, is partially genetically determined and cannot currently be cured.

What are the symptoms of coeliac disease?

With coeliac disease, the consumption of foods containing gluten leads to an inflammation of the mucous membranes in the small intestine, often with extensive destruction of the villi. As a result, nutrients are poorly absorbed and remain undigested in the intestine. Possible symptoms are signs of deficiency, diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, depression, infertility, tooth enamel defects, osteoporosis and growth and development problems.

Which grains contain gluten?

See «Gluten-free pleasure». It is present in the following cereals: wheat, spelt, rye, barley, green spelt, kamut and Emmer. Gluten is also found in many ready meals. In other words, it’s important to read the ingredients carefully and follow a more conscious diet!

What effect does a gluten-free diet have?

It has no negative effect whatsoever – after all, humans do not need gluten to live. See «What the body needs» for more information.

What can I eat?

You can eat all foods that do not contain gluten. People with coeliac disease can safely enjoy all naturally gluten-free foods, in addition to those marked with the crossed-out ear of wheat. In contrast, however, you must avoid all grains containing gluten and products made from them. It is therefore important to exercise caution when choosing and consuming foods, since food additives, flavourings and fillers or binders may contain gluten. But don’t panic! Under «Your gluten freedom», you can learn all about what’s most important.

What does the crossed-out ear of wheat mean?

The symbol with the crossed-out ear of wheat is a registered trademark of the AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies). It is used to distinguish products that comply with the established scientific and medical food standards in relation to gluten-free foods. Companies that wish to use the gluten-free symbol must sign a licensing agreement with their national coeliac association and are subject to strict regulation. The gluten-free symbol may only be used in conjunction with the registered products that display the corresponding registration number. The symbol is widely recognised by people who are gluten intolerant and provides instant assurance that the product in question is certified as gluten-free. HUTTWILER glutenfree is a registered trademark of JOWA AG. As a Swiss manufacturer, JOWA AG is therefore the license holder and is registered with IG Zöliakie der deutschen Schweiz.

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