The baking bag

Starts off ice cold and then goes like hot cakes: our super-safe, gluten-free baking bag from HUTTWILER glutenfree. When the stomach starts to rumble, simply take one out of the freezer and pop it into the oven – baking bag and all – for a freshly baked treat in minutes. Quick, crisp and reliably gluten-free.

The baking bag advantage

Here’s how to bake it:

  • 1.

    Take the baking bag from the freezer and place it directly in the pre-heated oven.

  • 2.

    Set the baking temperature and time. Attention: max. 200 °C! Since the baking bag protects the product, it can be baked in the same oven alongside foods that contain gluten.

  • 3.

    Condensation forms after baking. The packaging still remains closed until ready to eat.

  • 4.

    Unpack and eat now, or keep sealed to enjoy later. Whatever you prefer, the product must be eaten on the day of baking! Bon appetit!

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Gluten-free shelf products

Gluten-free shelf products

The delicious shelf products are guaranteed to have you licking your lips. Three-grain bread, sandwich bread, mini pretzel baguette, mini baguette, along with the baguette roll, fitness roll and crusty roll varieties, only need to be baked in the oven. The mouthwatering cocoa cake, lemon cake and muffins are ready to eat. The cakes can also be heated briefly in the oven and enjoyed warm. All products are made in the finest Swiss quality and are preservative-, gluten-, lactose- and wheat-free. Nevertheless, we can’t live from bread alone. Gluten-free life really can be this tasty!

  • Make sure all crockery, baking trays and kitchen utensils are clean
  • Always prepare separately, never together with food containing gluten
  • Easy to store in the cupboard
  • Simply bake and enjoy

Gluten-free with distinction

We won – in two categories of the Free From Food Awards! Our pretzel baguette and hazelnut muffin received the title of highly recommended.

The Free From Food Awards aim to accelerate innovation by distinguishing products in the free-from industry. The awards are completely independent.

We think the jury has good taste! Why not try the victorious treats for yourself?


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Our new arrivals in the freezer

Three gluten-free rolls in one are now available in the large, deep-frozen bags. 3 x fitness rolls, 3 soft pretzel rolls, 3 x cheese pretzel rolls, or a mix of all varieties are ideal for a gluten-free family breakfast. The bulk bags are practical, but not bake-proof and should thus never be put in the oven! As a result, the oven needs to be clean and gluten-free. Then simply unpack the rolls, bake and enjoy!

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Gluten-free throughout the day

The early bird

Bring a smile to everyone’s lips with the Sunday rolls. Give your day the best possible start with a crisp roll from HUTTWILER glutenfree. We offer Sunday rolls, kaiser rolls, fitness rolls, baguette rolls, crunchy rolls and soft pretzel rolls. You can enjoy them with light, low-fat quark (lactose-free) and fresh fruit, or a fruit spread. And if you don’t have a sweet tooth, try cheese, cold meat or a plant-based (vegan) spread for a nutritious breakfast.

Gluten-free recipes

something sweet

Snacking is enjoyable and is allowed at the right time. If you are a treat-nibbler, the best time to do it is straight after a main meal. If you have just eaten foods rich in fibre, your blood sugar won’t fall as quickly. This keeps the cravings at bay (for instance, in the late afternoon) and you’ve still enjoyed a sweet treat. It’s absolutely fine to indulge in a sweet afternoon nibble every now and again. Our delicious cakes (cocoa cake, lemon cake or muffins) are mouthwatering delicacies that leave you with a clear conscience. Try them with some fresh fruits for a vitamin-rich dessert.

Lunch time

gets the pasta. Penne, macaroni and spaghetti are quick to prepare, and can also be precooked and heated up later. For a wholesome lunch, serve with fresh vegetables or a light sauce and salad.

Gluten-free recipes


The later you eat in the evening, the lighter your meal should be. If you want to sleep well at night, a mix of carbohydrates and protein makes an ideal dinner. This allows the body to release the happiness hormone serotonin, which can then get the sleep hormone melatonin going.

Gluten-free recipes