Our production plant in Emmental


Huttwil is a small, historical town located between Lucerne and Bern. Nestled amongst the gently rolling hills of Emmental, Huttwil has boasted a distinctive commercial structure for decades.

With the conversion of the pastry production plant into a centre for the exclusive manufacture of gluten-free foods, JOWA AG quickly reacted to the requirements of a growing number of people with gluten intolerance or sensitivity. We have been making HUTTWILER glutenfree bread, baked and pastry products in Huttwil since 2012, thus offering a wholesome and delicious alternative without gluten. And we’re proud of it.

  • Only our own production plant can offer complete assurance

  • HUTTWILER glutenfree: Our brand name echoes our origins

  • Try our delicious, gluten-free products for yourself!

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Step inside the clean room

  • 100% safe

  • In Huttwil, we only produce gluten-free foods. As a result, there is absolutely no risk of contamination.

  • On-site production ensures that we can implement our stringent quality and taste standards without limits.

  • The products are packaged in the clean room.This is not only the safest way, but also enables us to largely renounce the use of preservatives.

How are we able to produce largely without preservatives? Preservatives prolong the shelf life of foods by pre- venting the growth of micro-organisms. In order to offer preservative-free, high-quality foods with a longer shelf life, a completely sterile packaging process is required. Such an antimicrobial environment is provided by the spe- cial construction of the clean room. Thanks to the clean room technology (in accordance with the standard VDI 2083), we are therefore able to produce our foods practically without preservatives.